Bolivia Copper Mine Project
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BoliviaCopper Mine Project

Bolivia is one of the areas with the most enriched minerals in the world. The Bolivian mining development project of Shining Star Group are composed of three companies: Bolivia Yongli Mining Co., Ltd., Thaya Montana Mining Co., Ltd. and Cerro Aurifero Mining Co., Ltd. It mainly includes theChacarillaCopper Mine, the Laurani Polymetallic Mine and the Sonata Mine, and total of 9 mining rights areas.

Bolivia Yongli Mining Project

The Chacaliya copper mining area of Bolivia Yongli Mining Co., Ltd. is located in Chacaliya City, La Paz Province, Bolivian Plateau, about 167 kilometers south of the capital La Paz. It is mainly a copper mine and is located in the middle of the Andean fold belt. The eastern and northern tip of the Cordillera structural belt, the Cordillera sandstone copper belt, is the most potential area of copper resources in Bolivia and with theCorocoro copper are the famous copper deposit. It is proved and inferred that the amount of copper metal is up to 700,000 tons. The prospective copper and metal capacity is more than 2 million tons. In the future, 50,000 tons of metal copper will be produced per year, with an annual profit of RMB 2 billion.

Bolivia ThayaMontañaMining Project

The Laurani Polymetallic mining area of Bolivia's ThayaMontañaMining Co., Ltd. is located in the area of Sicasica, Provincia Aroma, Bolivia, about 127 kilometers south of the capital La Paz. The main metal minerals are pyrite, chalcopyrite, porphyry copper, silver tetrahedrite and so on. It is predicted that the copper metal 1.02 million tons, silver metal 10,000 tons and gold metal 461 tons in the deep porphyry deposit. There is great potential for prospecting. In the future, will produced 60,000 tons of equivalent metal copper / annual production capacity, with an annual profit of RMB 2.5 billion.

Bolivia CerroAuríferoMining Project

The Sonata copper, gold, bismuth and tungsten polymetallic mining area of Bolivia CerroAuríferoMining Co., Ltd., located in western Bolivia, 150 kilometers north of the capital La Paz, the main metal minerals are chalcopyrite, bismuth, pyrite, wolframite, scheelite, etc. It is located in the Cu-Bi-WO3-Au-Ag ore belt in the eastern Cordillera sub-belt on the north wing of the large turning end of the middle Andean fold belt and Bolivia section. It is found and inferred that the amount of copper metal, tungsten trioxide, bismuth metal, gold metal and tin metal is 400,000 tons, 30, 000 tons, 50, 000 tons, 8 tons and 2000 tons, respectively. The prospective resources are more than 1 million tons of copper, 400,000 tons of tungsten trioxide, 600,000 tons of bismuth, 100 tons of gold and 40, 000 tons of tin. 30,000 tons of copper per year will be produced in the future, with an annual profit of RMB 1.3 billion.

Future Cooperative Development in Bolivia

The Bolivian Company has currently cooperated in the development of four mineral projects, mainly are copper, gold, lead, zinc, silver, tin and indium, in Paraguay and Bolivia, and the Bolivian company will continue to expand the resources and build up reserves in the future.

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